Under pressure

They say that pressure makes diamonds. And heat purifies gold. So too, difficulties and trials in this life, hopefully, produces a better person. Right now, I’m in a high pressure period. Financial pressures; work pressure; family pressure – with children’s … Continue reading

Waiting for the rain

Cape Town's biggest dam lies close to empty due to severe drought. (Image credit: Rodger Bosch / AFP)

As it stands, we sit with just over 2 months until the authorities will turn off water supply to most of the city; an event termed as “Day Zero”. Capetonians will then have to queue at collection points daily to collect just 25 litres per person – which is deemed the bare minimum for us to survive… Continue reading

Future Plans

Some days, I’d rather live in the past than exist in my present. Nostalgia sweeps over me, as I soak in the memories of places and people from my earlier life. Though those days were not always happy, and I faced some downright desperate and depressing moments, through it all, I cling to them…because they’re mine. My memories. My history. My life… Continue reading