One year book anniversary (and a freebie for you) – updated

Front cover

*Updated with link to a Google form, as I received a report that the email link wasn’t working* Almost a year ago, I released the electronic edition of Let it Flow – a ‘best-of’ anthology collecting what I considered my most meaningful poetry and reflections from the previous fourteen years of writing. This November, I’m giving it away for free – if you’d care to answer a few questions. Continue reading

The Memory of Here and Now

It’s a gift wrapped in a tragedy. Because you are an older Dad – past the half- century mark when the oldest was born – and that clock is ticking ticking ticking. Your time with them is limited. Each minute becomes an hour and each hour a day. You look at them sometimes, full of youth, playing and laughing, and you try to freeze it there – right there. Make the moment hang in the air, suspended. Devote it to memory. Lock it in place. Continue reading

Let it Flow: The Life to Come

Once upon a time,
there was a boy who lived all alone.
Up on the 3rd floor,
where the space and time was his own.

But despite his freedom,
the boy lived in a prison:
a set of routines, habits, and permanent preferences
– things he held himself to –
walls of the invisible cage
that had sprung up around him over the years. Continue reading

These Mountains

A lot can happen in a year. And when we think about all the hours and days and weeks we spent in anguish, especially these past few months, was it worth it? Is it worth it?

We talk about freedom as a construct indicating our capacity to move around and make decisions. But what happens when that’s taken away from us and there’s no recourse or alternatives? No plan B. No contingency. Continue reading

Let it Flow: Mash

Before I move on,
let me remember the feeling
of being submerged in the biggest part of my planet;
Wave after wave,
gentle and rough,
smoothly-contoured and wildly spread;
Jumping into,
facing head on,
and turning my back;
Being moved by the never-ending forces of push and pull,
so vastly spread in oceans off every land mass in existence. Continue reading