Reminder – Isra and Mi’raj (for dummies)

In honour of tonight’s blessed occasion of the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.’s miraculous night journey and ascension (Isra and Mi’raj), masjids worldwide will commemorate it by holding a special programme. Remember that there are no special acts of worship specified for this occasion – so take what benefit you can from those programmes, but don’t let yourself … More Reminder – Isra and Mi’raj (for dummies)

Treading water

This year (2017) has been a hurricane. The personal and family dramas have been intense and draining – starting from the very first day of the year. It’s like I can’t even think of thriving or growing. It’s been more a case of simply treading water…trying to survive. … More Treading water

Half and half

This year-end marks a half-way point in my life. I was born and raised in Durban (South Africa), and spent the first 18 years of my life there. After finishing High School, I made the move to Cape Town – to attend a university on the other side of the country -and have now spent … More Half and half

(Repost) Beyond Hajj: Five ways to maintain your Hajj for life

Hajj is now over, and as the pilgrims return home to their loved ones, they take back with them a multitude of precious memories from the journey, lessons they’ll hope to apply for the rest of their lives, and an elevated sense of spirituality. Back to reality But for many, those feelings can quickly fade … More (Repost) Beyond Hajj: Five ways to maintain your Hajj for life