Don’t approach me

Being a lifelong introvert and hater of social situations, you could say that I’ve been fairly unapproachable for most of my life. In person, that is. The online world – which changes everything for an introvert – wasn’t really around … Continue reading

Under pressure

They say that pressure makes diamonds. And heat purifies gold. So too, difficulties and trials in this life, hopefully, produces a better person. Right now, I’m in a high pressure period. Financial pressures; work pressure; family pressure – with children’s … Continue reading

Future Plans

Some days, I’d rather live in the past than exist in my present. Nostalgia sweeps over me, as I soak in the memories of places and people from my earlier life. Though those days were not always happy, and I faced some downright desperate and depressing moments, through it all, I cling to them…because they’re mine. My memories. My history. My life… Continue reading