A little late but….

In memory of those who perished in the recent exams….the last 3 are for you 🙂







These aren't so clear….but then again, they're not meant to be.


Table Mountain, somewhere behind that cloud.


This was from earlier in the year, when there was a big fire on the other side of the mountain.


What happens when your city's nuclear power plant goes down.

(PS: Sorry if this seems all scrunched up. The editor on this website is either faulty, or I'm doing something wrong – because it just won't give me line spaces, no matter how many times I try 😦 )

Picture this…..

Well, not really – because it's right there for you to see. Anyway, I'm starting this off as a place to post some of the pictures I've taken that I like. So, here's the first few:

First up we have a decorated tree. These were hung up on all the trees, as part of an AIDS-awareness event. They looked spectacular, really was a beautiful site to see….

Fly away....

Not as clear as I would have liked, but clear enough:


The next one was taken on a day when the clouds were so low we were walking in them…the sun was a perfect white circle in the sky.