This is a bit of a mixed post – I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve enjoyed over the course of this year, and would recommend to others: Palestine Online Store: The Palestine Online Store seeks to make products from or about Palestine, particularly informational resources, more widely available. While the focus is … More Recommended

Tag along

In keeping with the ‘tag’ theme, I’ll play along – but I’ll break the mould and make it more than seven songs, and they’re not necessarily ones I’m “into right now” – but they are ones that I really enjoy. I’ll call this list: Songs that make you go”hmmmm” Outlandish – “Any given time” & … More Tag along

The opportunity

The opportunity . Initially, I’d planned on talking about one thing (which is the topic of this post) – but I got sidetracked, and the detour became its own post, “Changes”, below this. So, read one, or read both….its all just stuff in my head, which is finding its way out. . In all honesty, … More The opportunity


We often listen to speakers, be it at Jumah, or other occassions – we hear what they have to say, and hopefully take something meaningful and positive out of that – something we can relate into our own lives, and apply to our own selves and way of life. . And many times we do … More Changes

“My Time Machine”

“My Time Machine” . One day while the flowers were blosomming, I was on the phone with my my friend. We were planing to steal a time machine from the university of mysterious machines. Then on Friday night my friend and I went to the university of mysterious machines. we were lucky because, the guards … More “My Time Machine”

Story time :)

Once upon a time, there was a man – carefree as can be – walking down the street, minding his own business…. . when suddenly he was accosted by a not-so-dangerous puppy! . Unfortunately, before he could see that the dog meant no harm (how could a cute little puppy-wuppy hurt a big old man … More Story time 🙂