A bird’s eye view

While the world goes on below,
I am free, I am calm.
A place, so far from them all – yet
close enough to reach quickly.

On this day, I am thankful for
it’s absolute beauty.

That I am able to experience, in my life,
such beauty.
In the sky, almost…clouds so close,
the warmth of the sun, on this otherwise
chilly summer day.

I see the ocean on one side,
the mountains bordering them.
The bay on the other side:
foamy white waves, crashing
on the shore –

   So lively where they are,
   yet distant from where I sit,

Perched up here, the starlings
stopping by on occasion.
I’m in their world now:
a place high up, where
the beauty of this world
can be seen.

The world below stretches out,
but i look not at it,
for down there is activity:
busy-ness, and business;
running around; rushing here and there.

Work to do, people to call,
places to be.
I revel in this break – this
window of solitude.

A peaceful existence up here…

Back on earth, however, life goes on
as usual.
And though my window is shut
again, for now,
I am happy to have my perch, my safehaven…
for up there, I don’t need anything. I don’t
need anyone. It’s just me, the sky, the birds (on occassion),
and my Creator.

So rare – nowadays – are moments like this –
    a time to stop.
    a time to be free:
       free of my world,
       free of my usual reality.
A new world. A new vision.
Lying with one eye covered, i’m
almost floating in the clouds:
engulfed in blue and white;

no longer constrained by the physical limits down below:
    no buildings, no trees,
    no electricity or things to capture my time.
I am free of all that. I am free of the world.
It’s serene – being detached from it all;
being up where there’s nothing but fresh
air…no desperation, no deception,
no temptation…just here and now.

     Nothing else matters.
     Just here and now.


     I could die now…leave my life
     behind, because this is peace.
     This is my Blessed place.
     And i hope to always have
     this – or the like thereof…

           . photo0436.jpg


4 thoughts on “A bird’s eye view

  1. Nope Hanna, that’s not me.

    Interesting blog you have…since i’ve been checking it, its mostly boy stories. are you really that obsessed? 😉

    (actually, i remember being that age as well…hopefully you’ll grow out of it 🙂

    Faaiq – thing is, maybe you shouldn’t *try* to write it…i mean, write, yes – but, don’t try too hard. thinking is a barrier to creativity…or at least it slows you down. better to just let the words come – and don’t review or evaluate as you’re writing it. just write it and see what comes out.

    when its done, u can always go back and change words and things if you want. but in that 1st go – just let it flow.

  2. really evocative.
    i suddenly have Scar Tissue looping in my head, “with the birds, i share this lonely view…”

    but your’s is of course, a lot more aspirational.

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