Results day

It seems its results day here at the University – lots of students around, numbers being tossed around, dreams realised, hopes shattered…truth, the end result of the year’s work and exams, all revealed now, in the heat of what is supposed to be one of the hottest days in the last few months. . For … More Results day

Calm before the storm

There isn’t  sorrow. There isn’t clinging onto what has become so familiar:      the environment I get to be in,      the people I pray with, who i am surrounded by – working and not working. . There’s no ‘mental journey of appreciation’ either: I’ve done that already, months ago, and find no need to revisit … More Calm before the storm

Stick it on….

Wallpapers 🙂 A few of the pictures I really like – and they make great wallpapers too. There’s a part two coming to a screen near you, sometime soon, I hope. .