The green, green grass of home

Some pictures from a drive through the Natal Midlands:         . Howick Falls:                         .     The open road                    Great big signal towers, on top of great big hills . Marianhill Plaza: a welcome sight after a long, long drive home 🙂


Keep the world away. Don’t turn on the radio. Keep yourself away from the ideologically-tainted programming that entrenches itself in your home via the TV. Reject their news media. Their sensationalism. Their obsession. Their unhealthy fascination. Be free of their poison. They feed it to you: slowly, constantly, unrelentingly; Headlines; top stories this hour; chart … More World-view

Frozen in time (part 3)

Continuing the “Frozen in time” series (see part 1, or part 2), here’s some wierd and not so wonderful moments: . Make’s you think twice about being a couch potato: . (Insert your own caption here) .  Man (and machine) vs nature: .  They’re coming down the stairs…they’re coming down in pairs…