Mixed bag

The best of 2007 (so far)


Like Panarotti’s, the name is a mouthful




Looking at this always makes my vision a bit blurry. Its an air vent of some sort, outside the Library.


Jameson Plaza: The centre of campus


Where desks and chairs live when its not exam time. (Under the stairs, in case you were wondering.)


View from Kromboom Road, one Friday afternoon.


I’m very fond of these 🙂


Fan by night


(Because of posting restrictions, I had to reduce the size on these. If you want the full size version of any of them, mail me)


3 thoughts on “Mixed bag

  1. slms
    ok the airvent and the lit review-not getting
    the rest i can relate to.
    i really really miss uct i cant believe im saying that!!lol i even miss the research projects/ tuts
    i think i miss most of all the freedom to be alone when i want and then to mix with friends the next moment. i also miss laughing in between the book shelves on the humanity section.aaaahhh
    the wonderful life of a uct student worker.. 😦 /:)
    have a good day
    wa salaam

  2. Slmz

    Im up and running here at ukzn. Campus life is hectic as usual.. can do with some of the scenery UCT offers. Tranquility.. Serenity.. Stunning.. The Library looks great. Blue chairs??? nice. The airvent is rather huge hey. maybe it’s part of the airconditioning.. industrial airconditioning systems or large scale airconditioning systems do have vents that look like so – and they are massive.

    take care


  3. are you at Natal or Westville? Scenery is nice at Natal – just gotta find the good spots. I haven’t been there in ages. Never really been to UDW though.

    Thats a strange term, Alia, “student worker” 🙂

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