Here are some posts which I’ve really enjoyed. By no means is it a complete list…but its just the ones that sprang to mind, and I could find in the last few days. Enjoy 🙂 No Hi! and other snippets… – Maliha To Sufyan with love – Maliha My Favourite Things – Maryam A Letter from Madinah … More Favourites

The Monster Party

One Saturday evening there was great excitement in Monsterville. Grogre’s parents were having a party for Zlunk at their house. It was Zlunk’s birthday: They decided to let Zlunk invite the monsters that he wanted to. He invited Grumple, Grogre, Bogus Boo, the Zippopotamus and the Hippocrump. It was Zlunk’s three hundred and fiftieth birthday. … More The Monster Party

Up in the sky (2)

                     Sunset in Durban                                     Moon and mountain, Cape Town    Early morning          Sunny daze                           Similar pix: Up in the sky (my very 1st post 🙂 )

Tag here

Over the last few weeks, I’ve added some new links on the right hand side – the blogs of some really interesting people. One of the new folks, Maryam, tagged me with the topic “5 things you didn’t know about me”. So, here goes: I cannot ride a bike (unless its got training wheels 😉 … More Tag here


Its amazing how we can forget the simplest things in life. As we grow up, we learn more, grow wiser with experience, and become more sophisticated in many ways. We mature, think of ourselves as adults – but, hopefully, always retain the inner child that is essential to our survival in this world. I’ve been … More Run

What do you call…

A pot plant in a toilet? A toilet-tree! And this, good readers, sets the tone for today’s post: I was pleasantly surprised, last week, to find that the toilets here at work have undergone an ‘upgrade’ of sorts. We now have air freshner, fancy soaps, potpourri, tissue holders and tissues (not to be confused with … More What do you call…