Its amazing how we can forget the simplest things in life. As we grow up, we learn more, grow wiser with experience, and become more sophisticated in many ways.

We mature, think of ourselves as adults – but, hopefully, always retain the inner child that is essential to our survival in this world.

I’ve been inspired: A few times in the recent past, either because I was in a hurry, or just because I felt like it, I decided to run to wherever I was going. Be it the shop, the elevator, wherever.

In primary school, the prefects crack down on you if you run in the schoolyard. I’m not a child anymore. And I have the freedom to run.

Its not that I don’t perform the physical act of running – because I do, via ‘jogging’. But thats a controlled, disciplined act of exercise. You pace yourself, because you have a certain distance to go, and you don’t want to wear yourself out too soon.

But this new inspiration, alhamdullilah, is that I need to rekindle that childhood freedom of running wild and free.

Just run.

No set distance.
No clock.
No space constraints.
No boundaries.

Just run as fast as I can, as far as I can, for as long as I can.

Just run.

I hope it’ll have a psychologically and emotionally liberating effect – help me to feel the freedom that I have, but seldom let myself feel.

Other than a final push at the end of my jogs, I can’t remember the last time I pushed myself to the absolute physical limit. So, thats also something I want to achieve with this experience.

And its also a form of appreciation: appreciating the freedom I have – the wide open spaces.

People in many parts of the world, especially Palestine, are literally ‘caged in’ – prisoners in their own homes; in their own neighbourhoods.

We do not have those cages and those cruel boundaries. We should make dua for them, and hope that one day every single person on this planet will have the freedom we have.

But, despite our freedom, we build psychological boundaries, due to fear of crime (especially in S.A.), or whatever other reasons haunt us.

But those boundaries aren’t real – because we have safe places to go. So, we should take advantage of the beautiful environments around us – be it a sports field, park, athletic track, beach, forest…anywhere.

Rather than complaining about certain things in our lives, lets rather ignore that inner critic – that inner nag – and just let ourselves go free.

And just run.

(PS: When you go, rather be safe than sorry: Take some form of I.D. with you, so that if something happens to you, those who help you will be able to identify you, if you can’t speak…sorry, Mr Cautious and I have always been close, and he just had to have a word on this topic 😉 )


3 thoughts on “Run

  1. i feel this.
    i want to run too. i’ve been having too many dreams where i try, but i’m stuck in slow-motion mode, fighting against the gelatine of convention.

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