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Over the last few weeks, I’ve added some new links on the right hand side – the blogs of some really interesting people.

One of the new folks, Maryam, tagged me with the topic “5 things you didn’t know about me”.

So, here goes:

  1. I cannot ride a bike (unless its got training wheels 😉 )
  2. At one point, “Terminator 2” was my favourite movie of all time – I had seen it about 15 times and knew every scene and line.
  3. I used to be a sleepwalker, and reportedly did a Steve Urkel impression in my sleep.
  4. I do not like plugs being left on, when there’s nothing plugged in. It’s dangerous. I switch these plugs off.
  5. Since yesterday, I have a black spot on the inside of my cheek. It may be a blood clot; or it may be a beauty spot (if u get those inside your mouth)…or it may be something else. I don’t know what it is. But its new. Up until yesterday, that was something I didn’t even know about me 😉 )

That’s 5. And now, I tag:

Bibi Aisha


9 thoughts on “Tag here

  1. hey:)

    i did this one already:)
    its in my archives somewhere…
    here we go…

    oh wait that was five weirdest habits –

    1. I write down the title and author of every book i’ve completed reading in a little pink floral memobook I’ve had since the sixth grade.
    2. I never refer to people by their real names when I make personal diary entries. Instead, I employ grand metaphors or cite them as “The Prat”, “Scaly” and “He-who-shall-not-be-named-in-case-these-diaries-are-published-posthumously”.
    3. I eat the lunch I bring to work before 9am.
    4. I order triple espresso along with a shot of pure liquidised wheatgrass because I like the way the combination makes my teeth chatter.
    5. I take my coffee black, no sugar. The bitterness is the most honest taste I know.

  2. LOL- will do this for you in a bit inshaAllah 🙂 (by the way- i have the same habit with plugs being switched on- im paranoid about getting an electric shock) 😛

  3. oops! i didnt realise ud tagged me, & then saw mj tagged me, but anyways, i blogged it.

    ooh!i have a gazillion beauty spots-ok , i exaggerate. but 13 on my face alone. 3 on my hands. 2 on my arms & im too tired to count the others.

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  5. lol ok this is weird- i too cannot ride a bike.
    was just telling my colleagues daughter like ryt now i cant and she suggested i do the 4 wheel thing lol lol, then i read this blog post and low and behold- ur no. 1

    anyway this is just really weird

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