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Posted by Yacoob on March 28, 2007

Here are some posts which I’ve really enjoyed. By no means is it a complete list…but its just the ones that sprang to mind, and I could find in the last few days. Enjoy :)

No Hi! and other snippets… – Maliha

To Sufyan with love – Maliha

My Favourite Things – Maryam

A Letter from Madinah – on Randomly Placed

Dolls? You must have meant WITCHES!!!!!! – Aliana

School in Palestine – Abu Sinan

on if we could see what we carry – Saaleha

hi my name is r and i am a stasher – r

Diary Of A New Computer User – Shakira

Kids…gotta love ’em….– Fatima

This is what happens when MSA takes over your life – Safiyyah

fun with unlikely stuff – Asmaa

3 Responses to “Favourites”

  1. Aliana said

    Just wantd to say that Brits incorrectly spell Favorites. Remember, we (Americans) are always right. :)

  2. Dreamlife said

    Haha…well, we South Africans follow British spelling, which would make your spelling incorrect ;)

  3. Aliana said

    Like I said we (Americans) are always right. It doesn’t matter if you are Briths or South Africans. :)

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