The Monster Party

One Saturday evening there was great excitement in Monsterville.

Grogre’s parents were having a party for Zlunk at their house. It was Zlunk’s birthday: They decided to let Zlunk invite the monsters that he wanted to. He invited Grumple, Grogre, Bogus Boo, the Zippopotamus and the Hippocrump.

It was Zlunk’s three hundred and fiftieth birthday. He was still quite young for a monster!

When the monsters got to Grogre’s house, they went out. It was seven p.m. and they had until one a.m. till the party was over. They decided to get trucks.

Bogus Boo was scaring people from their trucks until they got out and ran. Meanwhile Zlunk and Grumple were chasing people for about two kilometres until they were too tired to run anymore. Zlunk and Grumple caught the people.

When they got back each monster was hungry for they were carrying a truck and a person. They ate Ghost Pops and people. They left one person for Pass the Person. When they had eaten they played Pass the Person. Every time the music stopped the monster who had the person had to take a bite of him.

After that they played leap trucks. Later on everyone was tired and went home.

The party was a great success.

(Written in either Class 2 or Std 1…which is Grade 2 or 3, for the non-South Africans)


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