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Mister Y’s mysteries (part 1)

Posted by Yacoob on April 4, 2007

Why do so many pairs of jeans say “Authentic” somewhere on the label?

6 Responses to “Mister Y’s mysteries (part 1)”

  1. maryam said

    Sometimes they can be fake.

  2. ruby said

    Maybe cos you authentic, and you naturally drawn to all things authentic? lol

  3. Dreamlife said

    If they were fake, they wouldn’t say so on the label. Who advertises using the word “Imitation”?

    Interesting theory Ruby…interesting indeed :)

  4. kimya said

    v.interesting mister Y, indeed.. whose to lend to authenticity, but him of aunthentic origins :P

    keep well. publish them mysteries me thinks! makes worthy thought-provoking reading ;)

  5. Maryam said

    yes i know they wont advertise things that are fake. duh. it was a joke.

  6. Zahera said

    Cos they’re trying their hardest to not be fake? :-D

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