Breakfast in the ‘Bosch,
out on my makeshift porch –
        electric failure,
        none but a small bother to me.

Yesterday’s breakdown,
now part of History.

But its all over, and why cling?
A new day brings a fresh start:
a chance to think through a positive window.

There are pictures I want to blow up;
hang on my wall,
a reminder of sunrises that have captivated.

And still more: more memories, places, angles and effects.
Shots of an amateur, aspiring to nothing more than
his hobby – capturing moments in time,
visually freezing his outlook,
for all of a split second.

He has music, too, to throw away:
the physical collection of years spent
hooked on something no longer part of his life.

Car alarms clumsily knife through the morning soundscape,
demanding human attention,
embarassed not by their oafish screams.

The school bell rings: tea time over,
if school was in session, that is.

Much stays on my mind,
yet not as much is expressed.
Common themes, topics, ideas –
    recycled words
    for people who are only now discussing the big topic with me.

Dear reader:
I have no idea what this piece is,
for the only common theme is that it is a picture of my life on this morning.

What are you getting from it?
Why are you still reading it?
Are you hoping for some coherence of thoughts?
For these words, lines, images
    to all culminate in some grand finish?

The wandering of this pen to find some definable direction?

I could say the same of myself –
    yet I will not.

For, direction is not a pre-requisite.
Purpose is not necessary for these words to find their way onto the page.
Reasons are not needed, for me to sit out here and let my hand move the pen,
to put in words what comes from my self:
     The vessel that holds all these thoughts and memories,
     Dreams and frustrations,
     anxieties and Freedom.

I waited not for a glimpse of the Whole,
a spark of inspiration.

I just did – I didn’t stop, wait, think about something to say to you – to me.

So, dear reader, take from this what you can.
For I have no idea what this has meant for me, but
The page is out of space, so I’ll leave you for now.


3 thoughts on ““Floating”

  1. its kinda like free-verse.i admire ppl who can rap like this…just letting thoughts get the better of them, i tried it once but never again, my mind might just be too warped. things lead to places iv kept buried before i even realised i visited them. it takes a brave person to venture to that side of life-the inner meanderings of a corruptible mind. not saying that it is corrupt though but corruptible non the less!! 😉
    peace al

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