When did life get this complicated? When did the innocence and ignorance and bliss of childhood depart? How is it that grown-up stuff, responsibilities, duties, mature expectations, are all second nature now? How did everything become so serious? When did carefree summer days, of playing in the yard, being fed, sitting on my auntie’s lap … More Childhood

Up North (Part 2)

Since the previous set focussed on nature, this one is concentrated on civilisation, for the most part. A replica of an old Western House in Heritage Park, Calgary (Canada). The main street in an Alaskan town. Such gorgeous flower displays are commonly found in Alaska. But Rudolph wouldn’t like to see his buddy in captivity. … More Up North (Part 2)


To every soul still searching for their companion, a sincere dedication: to your strength, your patience, your faith. Maybe you’ve been on this quest longer than you think you can bear; Or maybe you’re just starting out – early days, in an early daze, hoping your Prince or Princess will appear very soon. Wherever you … More Dedication

Up North (Part 1)

Winter has departed, and I hope everyone is having a beautiful Spring – whatever part of the country you’re in. After a long break, I’m pleased to be updating the blog once more. These pictures are the first in a series, capturing some of the amazing scenery from my recent holiday in Canada and Alaska. … More Up North (Part 1)