When did life get this complicated?
When did the innocence and ignorance and bliss of childhood depart?
How is it that grown-up stuff,
mature expectations,
are all second nature now?

How did everything become so serious?
When did carefree summer days,
of playing in the yard,
being fed,
sitting on my auntie’s lap (more like sliding off it 🙂 ),
falling asleep in the back seat of the car,
following Daddy around the house to close the curtains at night,
planning with such eagerness
to stay up late
to watch something on TV,
but never lasting long enough to see it.

When? When did childhood depart?

Why did superficial, worldly pursuits overtake our freedom?
Why were we not protected,
against music and skateboards,
comedy and movies,
swearwords and nude pictures,
“You” magazine and gossip,
pop culture and obsession with celebrities,
video games and endless magazines…

Why did all these
come to be so integral to our lives?
So ingrained in our young imaginations.

We were warned against Heavy Metal and posters on the wall,
rap lyrics and watching too much TV;
yet we didn’t see the wisdom behind the warnings;
we rebelled –
kids who knew better than adult opinion:
kids who knew only what they wanted,
and cared not about anything else.

Childhood was suffocated many years ago;
poisoned under the burdens of how we learnt to ‘enjoy’ ourselves;
occupy our time in superficial pursuits,
which led only to superficial fulfillment;
temporary pleasure,
but hollow, empty permanence.

Our souls were un-nourished,
and so our pure spirits deserted us;
as we grew into unhappy adolescents,
selfish teenagers,
in a world that fed such rampant thoughtlessness.

But that childhood innocence,
that little boy who cried too much,
and felt sadness beyond his years;
he lived on –
a tiny flame,
holding on through the Ages of Darkness.

And now,
his other self,
his grown up being,
has come to Truth,
and struggled through years of pain and waiting,
and emerged from the cocoon of life’s preparation.

Now, his grown up self
has found his destiny,
his companion,
that which was lacking all this time.

And as these two butterflies
prepare to roam the breezes and currents of life together;
that little boy rejoices,
in time – if God wills –
he’ll be joined by his companion,
his little brother,
his best friend.

And childhood will once again be;
only this time,
lessons from History will have been learnt;
and Innocence will be maintained,
Purity treasured,
so that the next little boy
grows up happier,
in the Light of Truth,
and conscious rememberance that he is,
and always will be,
safe in the Hands of the Most Loving.


Up North (Part 2)

Since the previous set focussed on nature, this one is concentrated on civilisation, for the most part.

A replica of an old Western House in Heritage Park, Calgary (Canada).

The main street in an Alaskan town.

Such gorgeous flower displays are commonly found in Alaska.

But Rudolph wouldn’t like to see his buddy in captivity. Reindeer sausage is a popular meal there.


To every soul still searching for their companion,
a sincere dedication:
to your strength,
your patience,
your faith.

Maybe you’ve been on this quest longer than you think you can bear;
Or maybe you’re just starting out –
early days,
in an early daze,
hoping your Prince or Princess will appear very soon.

Wherever you are on this Journey,
know that success lies not in your hands,
and dreams are not fulfilled according to your schedule.

Frustration, pain and failure may visit you often;
and hope may seem to desert you at times
as your dearly-held dream flutters in and out of your reach,
like an elusive butterfly –
glorious in its delightful beauty,
but fragile and elusive.

But keep holding on,
and never let disapointment break your spirit;
for each misadventure,
each dead end,
each seemingly-wasted effort
is no waste at all.

Everything falls within a Greater Plan,
and though your vision may be temporarily obscured by the present,
remain hopeful,
trusting that the future holds something much greater for you.

Be true to yourself,
be true to your Creator:
realise that nothing happens unless by His Will.

So each day that passes,
and each night that goes by without you having attained the dream,
consider it a necessity:
the training you require
to mould you into the person you need to be.

Keep praying,
Keep trying,
Be patient and persevering through everything;
and above all:
use this time to draw closer to your Creator,
and work on yourself;

Become the person you want to be.
Don’t think that your own development must wait until you have someone to grow with.
Tomorrow is promised to no one,
and when you do find that precious soul to accompany you into Eternity,
won’t you feel good
knowing you’re able to start your life together from a stronger personal foundation?

So, to every soul still in this struggle:
be strong,
be patient,
and keep the faith.

Dreams come true.
I’m living proof of that.

(Note: The prequel to this came 5 months earlier – here.)

Up North (Part 1)

Winter has departed, and I hope everyone is having a beautiful Spring – whatever part of the country you’re in.

After a long break, I’m pleased to be updating the blog once more. These pictures are the first in a series, capturing some of the amazing scenery from my recent holiday in Canada and Alaska.

These are from a few weeks ago, when it was late Summer in that part of the world. This first set is from the Canadian Rockies.