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Up North (Part 1)

Posted by Yacoob on September 10, 2007

Winter has departed, and I hope everyone is having a beautiful Spring – whatever part of the country you’re in.

After a long break, I’m pleased to be updating the blog once more. These pictures are the first in a series, capturing some of the amazing scenery from my recent holiday in Canada and Alaska.

These are from a few weeks ago, when it was late Summer in that part of the world. This first set is from the Canadian Rockies.




4 Responses to “Up North (Part 1)”

  1. alia said

    when you putting up the other pics? they are all so beautiful was showing them at work these and they were like all angry at u for having been here!! :)

  2. Dreamlife said

    heh…well, only a few made the final cut for this blog. maybe another 2 or 3 sets to go up later, insha-Allah.

  3. Zahera said

    Beautiful subhanAllah! Theyre absolutely stunning pics dreamy :-) keep them coming! especially loving the last one- its taken at a great angle!

  4. priya said

    how serene!

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