slip-sliding away…..

All natural

Posted by Yacoob on December 13, 2007



9 Responses to “All natural”

  1. bb-aisha said

    a picture paints a thousand words-nuff said

  2. 'liya said


  3. alia said

    would be nyc to paint a few of these

  4. Dreamlife said

    do u want to?

  5. alia said

    especially the grass one where was that?

  6. alia said

    yes if u buy me paints- oil- and canvas and a studio in which to work and u leave me be for a year or so ;)

  7. Dreamlife said

    the grass was in Regent’s Park in London, i think.

    erm…a year for 4 paintings?

  8. alia said

    yes not even 4 it takes that long for one, a good one

  9. Zahera said

    Love the All Natural ones! SubhanAllah really beautiful :) The first one makes you wana just cuddle up with a loved one *cough* The second one makes you wana run around and play games with little children (add in a few water guns) :-D
    3rd one makes you reflect on moments gone by and memories and the last one makes you relax and ponder of the creation of Allah (swt).

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