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The perfect ten

Posted by Yacoob on May 12, 2008

Another year, another title.

Congratulations to Manchester United for wrapping up their tenth Premier League title yesterday, and making all United supporters around the world proud. It was especially heart-warming to see my favourite player of all time, Ryan Giggs, come on to score the goal that would cement the victory. It was his 758th United appearance for the club, tying the record set by Sir Bobby Charlton – and regardless of which club you support, I think you have to salute the longevity of a player who has stayed at the highest level of club football for 17 seasons, and won just about every club competition he’s played in.

It’s been an amazing season, much like last year, the difference being that we’re on for a double this season.

Hopefully, everyone will be fit and raring to beat Chelsea on May 21st…the 9 years since we last won the Champion’s League is a long time..

4 Responses to “The perfect ten”

  1. Ah get over it.
    U still behind us on the trophy count.

    Chelsea to hail supreme in Europe.

  2. Dreamlife said

    “us” being Liverpool??

    If so, remember that your club has been in existence longer than United…so u’ve had more seasons to win stuff. So, it’s not a fair comparison.

    Anyway, we’ll see who hails supreme on Wednesday…

  3. prixie said

    sigh soccer…

  4. Ryan Giggs. I detest united with a passion but i take my hat off to that man. in my opinion one of the greatest players in the leagues recent history.

    Salute ryan

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