I like rooftops because they are freedom;
Every building has one,
And every person knows this –
yet most don’t give it a second thought;
and don’t know what lies above.

A world of freedom,
An escape from human-kind,
The biggest wide-open space in existence:
open sky,
endless horizons,
indistinguishable layers
expertly constructed by the Builder of all things.

I once had a rooftop,
Spacious and remote from everything,
A favourite getaway spot;
Where the sun would kiss my face,
the breeze would pass my presence,
and all around
peace prevailed in the quiet, undisturbed air.

Mountains in the distance,
Oceans on the sides,
Thoughts of what lay beyond those distant waters;

What far-away lands existed out there:
adventures to live through,
sights to capture for the very first time.

Worlds beyond my own,
Experience beyond my expectations.

From my perch,
way up above the bustling population,
I saw beyond:
beyond my own walls,
beyond my inhibitions,
beyond me;
All that could be,
If I dared venture out.

I like rooftops,
for they give space to my dreams.

Allow these inner eyes to explore,
And ignite in me the thought of what could be.


2 thoughts on “Rooftops

  1. the problem with reading a poem which evokes strong feelings in one, is that whatever one says in comment is inadequate. unless one writes an essay. i used to love poetry essays in school.

    so i’ll just say i love the symbolism of roofs too. when my sisters & i were in campus & living in a flat we’d often escape to the roof. it was a magical place-we instantly felt alive with new possibilities. meals were had there, we watched the traffic pass by below, we were cocooned in open space

  2. “cacooned in open space”

    that should be a poem in itself..

    that ingnites such wonderful, safe, secure thoughts

    this world is so wraught with corruption.

    i wish i was cacooned in an open space

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