Remember the One Who knows all that you do Who hears all that you say, and knows that which you do not say Who knows all that you see, and that which you avert your vision from Who is aware of all that is concealed from the world, everything hidden within – that no one … More Remembrance

Staying power

One week to go, and time seems to have slowed down tremendously for me. While the first half of Ramadan seemed to flash by, the days and nights that followed have brought great benefit and hope.   Hope that it’s never too late for things to change.   Reminders that, though time marches on and … More Staying power

Back to the middle

Once again, we’re blessed to have made it halfway through Ramadan. And while the experience has probably been different for all of us, this particular day should hold the same significance for everyone. A day like this is a milestone, as well as a stopping point. A time to think about what we’ve learnt so … More Back to the middle

Weak one

  One week into Ramadaan, I find myself scared. Scared that it’s going so fast. Scared that I’m nowhere near where I want to be. Scared that if I don’t step up now, it’ll be over before I know it.   I entered the month with so much hope, so many plans and so much … More Weak one