Back to the middle

Once again, we’re blessed to have made it halfway through Ramadan. And while the experience has probably been different for all of us, this particular day should hold the same significance for everyone.

A day like this is a milestone, as well as a stopping point. A time to think about what we’ve learnt so far this month. What we’ve intended to do, then what we’ve followed through on, and what we’ve lagged behind in. What unexpected goodness has come. How grateful we should be for the blessings we’ve felt so far – whether we perceive them to be great or small. How grateful we should be for the things we take for granted: food, homes, families, and most importantly, iman. Whether we consider ourselves strong, middle-ground or weak as Muslims, the fact that we have that kalima is the greatest gift we’ve been given.

That’s what we should be most grateful for. Because that’s the foundation to all goodness, the foundation to all success – both in this life and the life to come.

It’s also a time to step up our intensity, whatever our particular tasks and goals are for this month. They say that when you reach the apex, it’s all downhill from there. But the middle of this month should not be the height of our spirituality, the height of our efforts.

It’s like when you’re doing an intensive physical exercise: at first it’s difficult, but as time passes, your body and mind gets used to it, and you feel that this is not bad at all. You feel like you can keep going, and maybe even go further, run faster, do more. You know that this is the most precious time of your exercise routine – because this is when you’re in the zone. When you started, you didn’t know if you’d be able to push this far – but now that it’s all going so smoothly, you feel it’s easy to keep this up or better it.

Likewise, we’ve had half a month of this ‘training’. We’ve seen what we’re capable of: the self-restraint in the day while fasting; the increased efforts in our acts of worship; the goodness we feel towards wanting to help others in small or big ways – all of this compounded by the fact that we know there’s so much more reward in this month for every good thing that we do.

And we still have  Laylat-ul Qadr to come – a night whose value we all know.

Wherever we are in our road of life, let’s stop right now and consider these things. Consider that we’re halfway through the greatest month of the year. The month in which we’re able to be so much better than the rest of the year. If we use this opportunity wisely, we can build foundations which will, insha-Allah, help us become better for the next 11 months, and the rest of our lives.

May you be inspired, motivated, and dedicated to your goals for the rest of this Ramadan.

Strive hard, spend time alone with your Creator, and ask Him to make these remaining days ones which will give you all that you need to bring you closer to the ultimate goals you have.

To Allah we belong, and unto Allah is our return.

May the rest of this month be of maximum benefit to us all.


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