Remember the One

Who knows all that you do

Who hears all that you say,

and knows that which you do not say

Who knows all that you see,

and that which you avert your vision from

Who is aware of all that is concealed from the world,

everything hidden within – that no one else knows of:

everything you feel,

your most private of thoughts,

your most demanding of desires,

your greatest of ambitions,

your dearest of hopes

Remember the One

Who brought you into existence

Who asks so little from you,

yet gives so much to you:

all that you have of goodness,

and all you’ve been spared of difficulty

Remember the One

Who is always with you,

Who loves for you to ask of Him,

Who listens to your pleas,

Who guides your heart to that which is best for you

Remember the One

Who is always ready to forgive your transgressions,

if you would only ask with sincerity,

and leave your mistakes in the past,

resolving to make your future better

Remember the One

Who gives strength to endure hardship,

Commitment to fight your hardest of battles,

Success to those who strive to gain His pleasure

Remember the One

Whose words you often hear,

Whose Guidance you’re often reminded of,

Whose Mercy and Love is beyond all human comprehension

Remember the One

Who has prepared for you

an abode of such beauty and pleasure,

such that no human mind has conceived of it,

no eye has envisioned it,

no sense has ever experienced it

Remember the One

Who has put you in this world,

and to Who you will be returned

And when you see Him on that,

the most important day of your life,

may all your remembrance have served you well


2 thoughts on “Remembrance

  1. Alhamdulillah, a poet lurks within, slowly enticed to unveil himself for the sake of rememberance. Hope Ramadaan was as spiritually refreshing as these words seem to bear tribute to…

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