slip-sliding away…..


Posted by Yacoob on November 26, 2008

Seven years have passed,

since those fateful days

when my life changed forever.


Seven years are gone,

since those moments of magic

sparked my soul to life,

brought into focus the dream

I pursued in the years that followed.


Memories of a lifetime gone by,

empty and purposeless;

using whatever pleasures took my fancy,

to fill the void inside.


A single soul

wandered through hallways of youth –

my generation,

the ones enjoying the best years of their lives.


I existed with them,

but was never of them –

for never did i find a companion whose soul took to mine,

never did there emerge

one who would be called a true friend

to this habitually melancholy stranger.


But looking back on this life,

tears well up

with fond memories of times –

both sad and happy –

which were always accompanied

by the Only Companion I’d ever need.


The One who made me,

the One who was with me

through every second of my existence,

and remains closer than I can comprehend.


The One who was patient with me,

in my times of adolescent selfishness and transgression.


Who withheld the punishment

for the evils I accrued

in my years and years of directionless-ness.


Who imbued in me modesty,

masked as shyness –

seen by so many as a weakness –

but now known to me as a great virtue,

something that protected me

from going down roads

which would permanently scar my fragile being.


Though in comparison to Eternity,

life may be the blink of an eyelid;

to me,

life has been immense,

and filled with uncountable memories.


Setting aside judgements,


and future plans,

Time stands still.


I step outside of my present hurried existence,

and look back to all that has passed,

and all I’ve become,

and express gratitude

to all who have been part of this journey.


And the most gratitude of all,

as well as feelings words cannot encapsulate,

is for the Sublime One,

to Whom I belong,

and to Whom I am returning.

2 Responses to “28”

  1. Prixie said

    its like u extracted the thoughts from my mind. wonderfully romantic and you should be proud for staying true to yourself

  2. alia said


    >>But looking back on this life,
    tears well up
    with fond memories of times –
    both sad and happy –
    which were always accompanied
    by the Only Companion I’d ever need.<<<

    i love this- the fact that we are always alone, even in company, and the only Being that is really truly with us, is Our Creator and Cherisher.

    He holds us in the Palms of His “Hands”, and guides ourselves to the inevitable.

    i wish i had the wisdom and patients to remember this in all struggles and stresses

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