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To the Israeli Soldier

To the Israeli Soldier
A poem by By Mirza Yawar Baig

Listen and listen well

O! One who could have been our brother


For we are one people, whether you like it or not

You are a Semite, A son of Israeel (Isaac)

I am a Semite, A son of Ismaeel (Ishmael)

Our father, the father of both you and I

Is Ibrahim (Abraham)


Or are you one who will even deny his own father?


Listen and listen well

O! One who could have been our brother


We will die on our feet

But we will not live on our knees.


You know how to kill, but we know how to die


Hitler gassed 6 million of you, but he could not kill your spirit

Those who died only made stronger, those who remained alive


Why then do you imagine; that if you become Hitlers

The results of your ‘gassing’

Would be any different?


Listen and listen well

O! One who could have been our brother


Just as others silently watched you going into the gas chambers

Others silently watch us burying our children, the children that you continue to kill


But we remind ourselves

That the blow that does not break the back, only strengthens.


So O! You who used to be the People of Musa (Moses),

But today you have become people of the Firawn (Pharaoh)


Remember we are the real people of Moses, for we believe in his message; not you

Remember that when the fight is between Moses and Pharaoh

Moses always wins.


We say to the silent watchers, the cowards,

We say to those who sit securely in their homes:


We are the frontline who are holding back the enemy

When we fall, it will be your turn.


Remember O! Arabs

The story of the White Bull (Al Thawr il Abyadh)

Who said to the world when the tiger finally came for him:


Listen O! People, I do not die today,

I died when the Black Bull died.


Listen and listen well

O! One who could have been our brother


We did not come into this world to live here forever

Neither did you


One day we will all go from here

Whether we like it or not


What is important my brother, son of Israeel

Sons of a Prophet, O! What have you become today?


What have you allowed them to make you?


Kill us, if that is what you want to do

At least we die at the hands of our own brothers

And not at the hands of strangers


Listen and listen well

O! One who could have been our brother


We laugh as we see your Apache helicopters and F-16 jets fly overhead

We laugh because we can smell your fear

Why else do you need Apaches and F-16s to fight children with rocks?


A battle of honor is between equals

We challenge you, you who have sold your honor

Come to us as equals; so that we can show you how to die with honor


We laugh at you because we know, that not in a million years

Will one of you ever have the guts to stand up to one of our children

Without hiding behind an array of weapons that the American tax payer gives you


We laugh at you, because that is what every warrior does

When he faces an army of cowards.


Listen and listen well

O! One who could have been our brother


It is not whether we live or die that is important

It is how we live and how we die


Ask yourself: How would you like to be remembered?

Without respect, despised and accursed through the centuries?


Or blessed, honored, your passing mourned?


Allah is our witness: We lived with honor; begging for no favors

And He is our witness: That today we die with honor; on our feet

Fighting until the last breath leaves our body; even if all we have in our hands are stones


He is the witness over us both

As you kill us and as we die


And to Him is our return


Listen and listen well

O! One who could have been our brother


On that Day, my little baby who you killed last night

Will ask Him for what crime she was murdered

Prepare your answer, O! One who could have been our brother


For you will answer to Him

I swear by His Power: You will answer to Him.



Maintaining presence

Hey everyone, hope you’re having a good new year. This is just a short note  to update you on some maintenance stuff, since this blog has undergone some  changes in the last few months.


1. Updated links:

I’ve updated the links section, which I’d neglected for most of the last 2  years. So you’ll find some of the links gone, as well as some new ones added.  Among those are 2 of my most loyal readers (Zahera and Prixie – thanx for  still visiting after all this time, even though the posts are coming way  slower than before), a new blog my wife and I started last year, as well as  the site of the President of Iran, who seems to be quite adept at the  blogging thing. I’m not one for politics, but the man has impressed me, and  he writes very well – so check out his blog and see if you learn anything new  about his country, other than the negative propoganda going round in the  news. (Thanks to Shafinaaz for the link – found it on her blog).


2. Subscribe by email:

I also added a subscription link, which you’ll find at the bottom of the  right hand column. If you’d like to be updated whenever there’s something new  on this blog, you can click on that to find out more.


3. Theme changes:

You may have noticed this blog turned green late last year. That’s not  because it got ripe (I know…corny. But I love making corny jokes 😉  ) – but  because I’ve wanted to make a big change in the look for a long time. I tried  some of the other WordPress themes, but nothing caught my fancy (I’m very  particular – so that’s not surprising). Because I know almost nothing about  the visual side of blogs, I can’t design my own theme – nor do I want to. But  if anyone has a good 3-column theme that would work with WordPress, let me  know.


Anyway, hope you’re all good, and hope you’ll stick with the blog in 2009.


I hope to have a new post up soon.