slip-sliding away…..

The year was 2007…

Posted by Yacoob on November 9, 2009

I remember shimmering skies and beautiful sunrises…

DSC01186 DSC01490

Many, many clouded visions…


Peaceful refuges from the storms of my mind…


The warm glow of morning at home…


But the early morning walk up to campus each day…

DSC01564 DSC01565

Including the Stanley Road Sleepers…


who would arrive well before first period, then camp out in their cars – blankets and pillows included.
There were also interesting signs…

DSC01873 DSC01837 Photo0754
And birds that were swift, as well as birds who were not so swift…

DSC01911 DSC01914

Plus my beloved perch, above all that surrounded me…


I went on excursions, among the trees…

DSC01532 DSC01533 DSC01821
There were also congested winter days…


Not to mention the wonders of winter


And mountain adventures, which nearly left me stranded late one afternoon…

DSC01747 DSC01775

But I did get back down :)


6 Responses to “The year was 2007…”

  1. prixie said

    oh wow…just wow!

  2. Nasreen said

    ^ Agreed! MashaAllah. Lovely shots! What camera do you use?

  3. Dreamlife said

    Thanx to you both. A Sony cybershot. Don’t know the model number – but it’s quite old now (got it in 2006).

  4. Nasreen said

    Nice. :D

    By the way, I love how you’ve arranged the pics. How did you manage to do that without altering the original size of the photos?

  5. Dreamlife said

    Thanks. I did alter the original sizes. The originals were much bigger, so I had to reduced them to 800×600 (which is the limit for this blog). The pix lose quality when I do that, but I always keep the originals of the pictures I like best.

  6. Azra said

    Great stuff here. It’s nice to just look around and appreciate what you see innit? I love photos. Take some more please.

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