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Where in the world?

Posted by Yacoob on January 24, 2010

This post is part of a game initiated by Liya, so take your best guess as to where this picture was taken. It may be obvious to some, so if you’re sure of the answer, don’t reply too soon. Let others have a chance first :)

14 Responses to “Where in the world?”

  1. […] (#6) Photo by Dreamlife […]

  2. 'liya said

    This is hard, there’s no clues in the pic!
    Um there’s mountains.. green grass, some trees… somewhere in Canada? In BC? :D
    Or am I totally off and is it somewhere in South Africa?

  3. closetblogger said

    I could be way off here but I’m leaning towards the Union Buildings in Pretoria?

  4. sahne said

    Beautiful picture! But it’s really hard to guess. Maybe San Francisco?

  5. Dreamlife said

    I love the fact that you guys have no idea where this is :)

    If you’ve been to this place, you’ll know – it’s unmistakable.

    I won’t give a clue as to what part of the world it’s in, but I will say the shot was taken from a place of higher learning.

    There may be clues later in the week….

  6. closetblogger said

    Ooh it’s Cape Town!?

  7. 'liya said

    I think we do need some clues :D

  8. Dreamlife said

    OK…I’m not giving the answer yet – but the second clue is:

    The man in the statue is the founder of the diamond company ‘De Beers.’

    (By the way, I’ve altered the wording on the first clue)

  9. Azra said

    Taken from (answer deleted)?

  10. Dreamlife said

    Yup – Azra got it right. But, because the competition runs for the rest of the week, I’ve censored her answer :)

  11. 'liya said

    Hmmm okay I’ll do more searching with those clues and see what I can get :D

    Post your correct answer tomorrow! (Friday)

  12. Dreamlife said

    And the answer is: the shot is the southern suburbs of Cape Town (South Africa); and it was taken from the University of Cape Town.

    (The man in the statue is Cecil John Rhodes – who donated the land for the campus).

    Azra was correct in giving the exact location; but Closetblogger was the first to get it (more vaguely, though).

    Stay tuned for the next and final round, on Monday, insha-Allah

  13. closetblogger said

    I wanted to smack myself when I realised that I stood in that exact spot a couple years ago!

  14. 'liya said

    We’re ready for your next pic!

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