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Where in the world (round 3 – updated)

Posted by Yacoob on February 1, 2010

As part of Liya’s game, this picture is for the final round of “Where in the world?” Again, take your best guess as to where this picture was taken. Have fun :)

Since the original entry was so easy (Liya got it immediately), I’m putting up a second challenge…just to keep the game interesting (since there’s still almost a whole week left).

See if you can guess where this one was taken.

9 Responses to “Where in the world (round 3 – updated)”

  1. […] (#9) Photo by Dreamlife […]

  2. 'liya said


    Those are Canadian mountains! :D

  3. Dreamlife said

    That was too easy for Canadians….my choices were between that pic and something I think would be much harder.

    To keep the game going, I’m updating this post with the other shot. Hopefully THAT’ll be more of a challenge :)

    (By the way, it’s probably against the rules…so consider this an unofficial add-on :)

  4. 'liya said


    Did you guys go on an Alaskan cruise? I see the big cruise ship in the back. I’ve heard it’s beautiful :)

  5. Alaska! :) it says “Alaska Fur Ga…” on one of the shops. :)

  6. Dreamlife said

    Yes, we did – and it is Alaska. But the questions is WHERE in Alaska….THAT’s the thing that should stump you ;)

  7. nadia said

    Downtown Skagway?

  8. Dreamlife said

    Yes…Skagway it is…I didn’t think anyone would get it :(

    (Or this soon, at least)

  9. nadia said

    Oh, it was tough! But there were clues :)

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