Where in the world (round 3 – updated)

As part of Liya’s game, this picture is for the final round of “Where in the world?” Again, take your best guess as to where this picture was taken. Have fun🙂

Since the original entry was so easy (Liya got it immediately), I’m putting up a second challenge…just to keep the game interesting (since there’s still almost a whole week left).

See if you can guess where this one was taken.

9 thoughts on “Where in the world (round 3 – updated)

  1. That was too easy for Canadians….my choices were between that pic and something I think would be much harder.

    To keep the game going, I’m updating this post with the other shot. Hopefully THAT’ll be more of a challenge🙂

    (By the way, it’s probably against the rules…so consider this an unofficial add-on🙂

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