The succession of precious pursuits

Fly away.

Away from this place
of never-ending assignments.

A cog in the wheel
of production – and you must be efficient;
A small part of the assembly line
in this knowledge factory that seems to never rest.

Write what you want to write about.

Free your mind
from all of the constraints of the working world:
– Working hours
– Traffic adventures
– Business talk
– and meetings – which sometimes bore to the point of sleep.

How do I break free?

When Time,
is the precious commodity taken away from me;
all in sacrifice to a means of income,
necessary for human sustainability
of myself and dependents.

Just give up now –
for you’ll never beat the system;
which chains you to its ceaseless activity
of consuming the precious moments of billions of working lives each day.

Perhaps fulfiiling your dreams are just a fallacy,
a means by which you can have hope –
and never be grateful for what you have,
because you always desire something better.

Something that fulfills not only your mind but,
more importantly,
your heart and soul;
a satiation that leaves you smiling all day,
because you’re fulfilling the very best purpose you can in life –
and that feels good on all three levels:
– Pleasing your Creator
– Benefitting the creation
– Satisfying yourself

that feeling isn’t meant for this life.

Or maybe it is.

Deny not those aspirations,
but strive to keep your mind free;
and keep chipping away in small but consistent ways,
because one day,
if God wills,
it’ll all fall into place.

And then,
as per your human nature,
you’ll just move on to new dreams:
the succession of precious pursuits,
which keeps life interesting.


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