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The Playtime Council

Posted by Yacoob on April 6, 2010

From left: Abdurahman; Chairman Pooh; Honest (the baby cheetah).
Absent: Ethan (the secret agent teddy)

6 Responses to “The Playtime Council”

  1. Azra said

    Abdurahman? Really? Is he the only Muslim amongst the others, or are the others reverts? LOL!! My lil sister named her dolls Michelle and Fatima. Well at least she’s diplomatic :)

  2. Dreamlife said

    Yes: Abdurahman. I didn’t name him – someone else did. And no, he’s not the only Muslim. They’re ALL Muslims :) And, I hope, in future years, the council won’t be allowing those half-naked Barbie and Bratz monstrosities into the play area.

    It’s positively sickening how children’s dolls can look like prostitutes :(

  3. Azra said

    Tell me about it! It’s disgusting really. When I think of how we grew up, it was like the biggest sin on earth to watch two people FLIRTING on tv, never mind holding hands etc.

    But kids these days are so different. It makes one scared for the future generations.

    InshaAllah you will be rearing honest, confident and pious (by pious I mean God Conscious with a great sense of ethics, morals and self respect – not in the doek but out to play) children who will make you proud Parents. Ameen!

  4. dreamlass said

    lol at doek but out to play- azra

  5. Shahista said

    Abduraghmaan, gee i cant believe that he is now officially made it onto the net…and what about his brother, Abduraghiem, doesnt he deserve some publicity as well… i will bring him over…lol

  6. Dreamlife said

    Yup…but he’s disapeared since then…

    Of that group, Pooh is the only one with staying power ;)

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