Sunrise in Paradise

It comes again,
three years later – for me –
the birth of a new day.

The rising of a fresh morn,
an everyday occurrence,
now often overlooked –
taken for granted –
in the never-ending wheel of grown-up life.

The sun’s light spreads far and wide
long before his arrival in this place today;
bringing tidings of the brightness to come,
an all-encompassing state of light
that’ll engulf our homes for the next ten or eleven hours.

His warmth muted at first,
but soon to break through
the icy chill that hangs over us this fine winter morning –
bringing comfort to the shivering,
and a smile to the frozen.

His glow lingers on the horizon,
behind the silhouette
of mountains unmoved.

Permanent fixtures on an Earth
that will,
one day,
perish into oblivion –

when these same mountains
will swoon away,
crumbling and falling – feeble as cotton wool:
a most prominent sign that the end is near –
even for those whose
blindness made them deny their Creator all these years.

And on that Day,
when this same sun will be brought
so close to us;
when men swim in their sweat – such is the heat;
and all that will concern us is ourselves;
and we shall be scattered like moths –
on that Day,
I pray that I’ll be
under the shade of the Most Merciful –
a just reward
for the striving I hope to still achieve in His path.

And when,
by His Grace,
I enter into the unimaginable Garden of Bliss;
I hope to experience
Many more of these sunrises:
awakenings that remind me
of His Greatness,
but now having the time,
the inner tranquillity,
and the true gratefulness
to fully embrace
the Eternal, Immeasurable Peace
that He bestows upon me.

May each sunrise
remind me
of this distant ambition;
and each day
be the means by which
I pick up the scraps
that’ll earn me His pleasure:
the most beloved goal,
with a most beloved conclusion.


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