The Ramadaan Planner

With Ramadaan on our doorstep, it should come as no surprise that many are preparing to make the most of the month. Preparations should, ideally, start long before the month arrives – particularly in the two preceding months (Rajab and Sha’ban). However, if you still haven’t put much effort into your preparations, there’s still time – so get cracking as soon as possible so that you can be ready to make this a month of tremendous benefit.

There are numerous areas that we can prepare in: physical, psychological, emotional, and most importantly, spiritual. (Read more about preparation in this article). And each person will go about his/her preparations in a different way.

One thing which I’ve found very important is writing down plans. Taking the time to sit and think through what I want to achieve, how I hope to achieve it – and then recording that in writing.

To that end, it helps to have a structure – a template – to use as a base for planning.

With that in mind, here’s an MS Word template which I hope will be of benefit to you. It’s very amateur, I admit – but it does the job. Remember that it’s only a template. You should customize it according to your own needs, so that it serves you in the best way possible. (And that includes making it look more attractive – because it’s nicer to look at a pretty document than this one  :)).

Download: Ramadaan_planner_template (48Kb)

Also, please remember to visit throughout the course of the month for daily Ramadan-related articles, advices, recipes and more.

May the remaining days be blessed for you, and may we all live to see another awesome month of mercy, forgiveness, and change for the better.


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