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The Playtime Council Outing

Posted by Yacoob on September 18, 2010

A few weeks back, the Playtime Council had an outing. Unfortunately, not many members could attend – so it was left to Chairman Pooh and Discovery Bear (who’s now an official member – since the sleepover was successful).

They borrowed Toddles’ new bike and set out on their trip – with Chairman Pooh driving and Discovery Bear in the back.

Although they had fun, inclement weather meant that the outing didn’t actually get out of the house…it was more of an indoor event:

5 Responses to “The Playtime Council Outing”

  1. bb_aisha said

    I want to read more playtime stories :-)

  2. Dreamlife said

    It’s a good thing that the Council have more stories in waiting. Well, one at the moment – but there may be more :)

  3. shabnam said

    hey how are you :) , I love these council pics and good luck with the move and inshallah there will be many beautiful memories in your new home. love to teh family :)

  4. al said

    thanks shabs

    dreamlife always cracks me up with the playtime council- making them talk for maryam. she loves it too.

    its funny to see him like that as i never wouldve thought a grown man could make voices for a teddy bear! maybe he missed something in chidhood eh ;)

    anyway playtime council seems to be everybody’s favourite!

  5. Dreamlife said

    Is there some unwritten rule that says grown-ups can’t make voices for teddy bears?

    I mean, people do it professionally as well: just look at the Muppets :)

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