Taxi memories

Though it wasn’t always comfortable – being cramped like a sardine into a minibus – I miss travelling by taxi. It was a great way to see a cross-section of society, and experience the constant risk of being pulled over by a traffic cop. That happened a few times. Once, the driver was arrested, so we all had to get out and wait for another taxi to come rescue us.

Travelling like that is also a front row seat in how to navigate traffic as if you own the road. It’s a talent that not many law-abiding drivers appreciate. But hey – as long as you arrive at your destination safely, you don’t dwell on your driver’s recklessness too long.

So if you get the opportunity – and it’s safe – take that ride. (Unless, of course, the taxis are on strike 😉 )


7 thoughts on “Taxi memories

  1. Wow, brings back memories. I took public transport for several years… the taxi to go to school when I was in High School. In varsity is was both buses and taxi’s and in London it was the Bus, National Rail and Tube.I actually like and prefer public transport because all you have to worry about is a single trip at a time… getting to your destination. With cars its Petrol, Maintenance, Insurance, Accidents etc. etc. etc.

  2. Public transport in London is a given – it’s probably more difficult to have your own car – given how congested the roads are, plus that tax you have to pay to get to the city centre (I’m not sure if that’s still in place).

    It’s less to worry about – but the downside is reliance on others. You don’t have control over the journey anymore – your driver does; and whether you get to your destination on time depends on his (or her) efforts, as well as what happens with other passengers being picked up or dropped off.

    Anyway, one other thing I didn’t mention was how – amazingly – I’d sometimes be sleepy on the way home (drifting in and out of a snooze), but I’d always wake up in time to get off at my stop.

  3. Yeah they still have the congestion charge. I think its up to GBP8.00 or GBP10.00 per day! Quite hectic. I used to work as a mediator between members of parliament and Councillors in the British Government in Housing and a small part of my job was to authorise parking permits to people who met the criteria and the price that some of them had to pay was ridiculous. And the richer they are (or the richer areas) pay more so some guys are paying GBP 2000.00+ a year for the right to park their cars on the street! Imagine paying R22K to park your car outside? Ludicrous.

    Still, if SA had better public transport systems and infrastructure in place i.e. thats reliable and arrives every 90 seconds like the tube and most buses in London, I don’t think I’d ever drive a car again. We’ve been having endless car problems for the past 8 or 9 months and it’s been so frustrating that it’s driving me slowly insane. And unfortunately, while we can use public transport here in SA (its not impossible), it’s just not as reliable or efficient or as fast as we’d like it to be. And it’s difficult because most times, the places I need to go to don’t lie on a direct route… so I have to take two buses or two taxi’s to get there and when you’re waiting a half hour for a bus, it’s not pleasant. Whereas in London, you wait a minute or two and it arrives.

    And once I fell asleep taking a bus home at 3am in London and missed my stop… got off at the last stop. Changed buses, fell asleep again, missed the stop again and had to get off and change buses again lol. I only got home at like 5am that morning.

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