The Playtime Council: Love is in the air

Meet Discovery Bear – a bachelor and sales executive for a large medical aid company.

Meet Ms Froggie – a single, carefree girl with an eye for adventure and all things pond-like.

The two met, found they were compatible, and decided to get hitched (with Ms Froggie’s father’s permission, of course).

Awwww….don’t they make a cute couple? Discovery Bear finally met his match, and he’s been happy ever since.

But in case you’re thinking of snatching him away from his new bride – think again. Mrs Froggie won’t have any of that. She’s very possessive, and won’t hesitate to introduce you to the slimy side of the pond – if you mess with her man.


11 thoughts on “The Playtime Council: Love is in the air

  1. No – there’s not a lot of free time. But such episodes do come up amidst the normal day to day living, playing, messing around…and I thought it important to capture such a monumental event on camera.

    Anyway – there’s more to come, insha-Allah… πŸ™‚

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