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A question for you, the reader

Posted by Yacoob on January 14, 2011

Here’s a quick question for all that read this blog: do you participate in online discussions? I’m not talking about specialised forums, but general portals – like news sites that allow you to comment on stories (for example, South Africa’s News24).

And if so, what’s your experience been like – particularly when you comment on sensitive or controversial topics?

Do you think there’s benefit in contributing to such discussions? Or, more often than not, does it just turn into one big shout-fest, where people try to argue that they’re right and others are wrong?

Post your answers in the comments, please.

2 Responses to “A question for you, the reader”

  1. Azra said

    I dont really participate in online discussions apart from blogs and facebook status comments :P

  2. Tauqeer said

    I sometimes do, but usually never go back to check replies :P those sites have thousands of people commenting!

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