In Allah’s name: Eat, Pray & Love

Nowadays, concepts such as “Zen” and the decree of “the universe” are commonly mentioned in public discourse, among today’s mish-mash of ancient Eastern and new-age philosophies. But, while many grapple to find the truth and seek a successful belief system, Muslims already have a set of beliefs that emphasise the most important of all truths – with consciousness of Allah (taqwa) among the highest of priorities.

Being aware of Allah’s presence; being thankful for His blessings; and being careful to obey His commands and abstain from His prohibitions are all attributes that we can internalise when we have taqwa. But how do we develop this taqwa? The answer lies in striving to live our entire lives – whether eating, praying, loving, or doing other things – in Allah’s name; “for the sake of Allah”.

At this year’s South African Reviving the Islamic Spirit Conference, to be held in Cape Town, South Africa, such thoughts are to be covered in one of the topics. The topic, which is scheduled to be delivered by Zimbabwe’s Mufti Ismail Menk, explains what this commonly-used phrase (“for the sake of Allah”) means, and incorporates how we can develop taqwa in various aspects of our lives, including diet, physical health, relationships with other people,  and contribution towards society. It also includes brief explanations of how regular acts of worship – such as salaah, fasting, and charity – help to bring spiritual balance into the life of a believer.

The conference – to be held 6th to 8th May 2011, is just a few weeks away, and if you’re interested in attending, you can sign up or find more information at, or by emailing


3 thoughts on “In Allah’s name: Eat, Pray & Love

  1. Masha Allah this is great! I always wonder why imams of our local mosques never discusses these things, they are more interested in sharing historical stories and the PUNISHMENTS!

  2. Tauqeer: I think it’s all a matter of the approach that your local ulama take. Hamish wrote a piece on this a while ago, which you can find here:

    Really – I think the fear-mongering approach is very one sided and not effective with today’s youth. Balance is so important – balance and getting your message across effectively.

    WIth this conference – and conferences like this – the speakers usually present a more balanced view; so I would advise you to seek out events like this in your country (UK?).

    Azra: We’re hoping to have the conference recorded (video recording is the plan; i’m not sure about audio recording) – so you might be able to get the DVDs later if you want.

    Let me know if you’re interested and insha-Allah i’ll mail you the details if everything works out that way.

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