An Eid like no other

For many around the world, Eid has already come. But here in South Africa, we’re waiting until tomorrow – Wednesday 31st August. I’d like to take this opportunity to with everyone and their families a blessed Eid mubarak. May your day be filled with joy and happiness, and (halaal) celebration. For males and females, please … More An Eid like no other

Future memories

It’s Saturday night, and the people have gathered. The lights go out. A hush descends as the crowd becomes quiet. The screen begins displaying its image. A man appears. He speaks. He tells of a group of people who will have lived their lives for a period, enjoying life – doing as they pleased. These … More Future memories

Appreciating Ramadan

Many of us take this month for granted – the fact that we can fast (as we’ve been commanded to do), perform taraweeh, and do all the other, communal things that come packaged with this ‘month of the ummah’. But while we have it easy – while we have this freedom – our brothers and … More Appreciating Ramadan

The Gathering

Over the past decade, Ramadan has been a very special time for me.  You see, prior to that, things were different. I was different. And then, one day in that Ramadan ten years ago, everything changed. That experience, that miracle, marked a turning point in my life – one that I’m eternally grateful for, and … More The Gathering