An Eid like no other

For many around the world, Eid has already come. But here in South Africa, we’re waiting until tomorrow – Wednesday 31st August. I’d like to take this opportunity to with everyone and their families a blessed Eid mubarak.

May your day be filled with joy and happiness, and (halaal) celebration. For males and females, please dress appropriately (because modesty can look good, you know); and interact in the proper manner with the opposite sex. There will probably be plenty to show off, and plenty to gawk at – but lower your gaze, and don’t be a temptation for others either. You’ve just come through a month of intensive piety and good deeds. Don’t ruin it all in one day. Don’t please shaytaan. Please Allah – by doing things the right way.

For myself and all of you, I hope that this will be an Eid with a difference: one where we really and truly try to remember Allah’s presence. That ‘taqwa’ we were supposed to acquire through fasting – let us take that with us through to this Eid day. And, very importantly, let’s take it through to the rest of the year as well.

Last Ramadan, I wrote a 3 post series (concluding with this one) about taking the goodness of Ramadan forward to the rest of the year. The key points were to take realistic spiritual goals forward to the rest of the year – to be consistent, even if those actions were small.

This year, I’d like to re-iterate those points. Each individual knows their own spiritual state, and their own life’s circumstances. There is no one-size-fits-all specific advice about what to aim for and what to expect.

Look into your own self, speak to your Lord, and ask Him to help you, bless you, guide you, and protect you in the days, weeks, and months that follow. For if we just make the sincere effort, and bear patience throughout our individual journeys, then surely Allah will grant us success in both worldly and spiritual matters.

So let’s make this an Eid with a difference. The best Eid we’ve ever had. Not because the food was particularly good, or the company was awesome – but because we made a commitment to Allah, and a commitment to ourselves, that we were going to strive to be better in the coming year.


One thought on “An Eid like no other

  1. Eid Mubarak Dreamlife and Dreamlass and Dreambaby 🙂 May our efforts be accepted by the Almighty SWT and may we be better people for it! Have a lekker day.

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