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The Playtime Council: It’s a little crowded

Posted by Yacoob on April 9, 2012

One day, Chairman Pooh decided to take the council members out for a ride. Unfortunately, due to financial constraints, the council had only one vehicle. But since this is South Africa, the spirit of South Africa’s urban taxi industry kicked in, and everyone got a seat – as pictured below:

For previous adventures in the Playtime Council, check out its archive here.

2 Responses to “The Playtime Council: It’s a little crowded”

  1. Azra said

    So cute MashaAllah. I like how you say due to financial constrainsts haha! I’m sure your little one loves it.

    • Dreamlife said

      Well, it was her idea, actually. She gave me the idea by piling them all in with remarkable discipline (which is rare for her)…i just re-arranged them.

      There’s another council post coming soon, insha-Allah

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