Strangers arriving in South Africa

The MSA of the Cape has teamed up with several organisations to bring “The Strangers Tour” to South Africa. This internationally-renowned variety show boasts the talents of Muslim comedian Baba Ali (USA), award-winning poet Boonaa Mohammed (Canada), and popular scholar Navaid Aziz (Canada). The event – which takes a refreshing look at Muslim life and relationships – heads to Durban, Cape Town, and Pretoria this May.

“The Strangers Tour” has been phenomenally successful worldwide, selling out in many of the 20-plus cities it’s reached in the UK, Canada, Europe, and Australia. Strangers is a dynamic and inspirational three hour program that uses a mix of poetry, comedy, and motivation to explore the relationships Muslims have wthin themselves, with their Creator, and with the larger community.

The show brings together three inspirational personalities:

  • Navaid Aziz (Canada) is a dynamic, youthful scholar and counselor known internationally for his enlightening and heartfelt motivational talks on Islam and life.
  • Baba Ali (USA) is a wildly successful comedian, famous for his YouTube videos that have drawn many millions of views in recent years. He takes a humorous approach to aspects of Muslim life such as social conduct, prejudice, and marriage. (Material online at
  • Boonaa Mohammed (Canada) – dubbed the “voice of a generation” – is an award-winning spoken word poet whose material reflects personal insights on spirituality and Islam. (More info at

The show heads to Pretoria on Saturday, 5th May, Cape Town on Sunday, 6th May, and Durban on Tuesday, 8th May, and is brought to South Africa by MSA of the Cape, ILM-SA, Caring Women’s Forum, and the Willowton Group.

For ticket information, further details, and the video trailer, visit the Strangers South Africa Facebook page at or


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