Leaving for Hajj soon?

One of the most important objectives of this blog is to share beneficial knowledge and advice – whether that comes from experts or just my own (or other people’s) experience. And with Ramadan completed, the months of Hajj have now begun. That means that for the many prospective hujjaaj who are going this year, things … More Leaving for Hajj soon?

27th Night Syndrome

Here in South Africa, it’s the 27th night of Ramadan – popularly referred to as ‘Laylatul Qadr’; even though there is absolutely NO certainty that the 27th night is indeed this auspicious occasion. ANY of the odd nights of the last 10 may be Laylatul Qadr – so it’s wiser to treat each odd night … More 27th Night Syndrome

Hajj Chronicles Part 8: Every soul shall taste it

Previous posts in this series: Parts 1 to 7 The certainty The Prophet s.a.w. reportedly* advised us to “Remember frequently the destroyer of pleasures” – referring to death. It’s the only certainty we have in life – the fact that we will die; and it’s a fact that everyone accepts – even the atheists. Personally, … More Hajj Chronicles Part 8: Every soul shall taste it