Leaving for Hajj soon?


One of the most important objectives of this blog is to share beneficial knowledge and advice – whether that comes from experts or just my own (or other people’s) experience. And with Ramadan completed, the months of Hajj have now begun. That means that for the many prospective hujjaaj who are going this year, things will be getting rather hectic from this point (if it hasn’t already been).

Whether it’s getting your logistical stuff sorted out, making the social arrangements for your departure (the greetings etc before leaving), or – most importantly (but sadly neglected sometimes) – your own personal mental and spiritual preparation, there’s plenty to do…and it can be overwhelming.

On this particular blog, the Hajj Chronicles series aims to share my own Hajj experience from 2011 – as well as extract lessons and advice gained from the trip. But because I want to really give my best to that series, it means the posts aren’t coming as fast as I’d initially hoped. So it’s turning into a long-term series, rather than one that would be finished in a year.

But that doesn’t mean I have nothing to offer this year’s hujjaaj. While I hope that the posts so far have, to some degree, been helpful for anyone going this year – I also know that it’s a lot to get through in terms of reading. And when preparing for a journey such as this, time isn’t on your side.

So insha-Allah what I hope to achieve in this post (and maybe one more to follow) is to provide a very summarised, point-form list of important tips and advice. Something easy to read, covering the complete trip: from departure to Madinah, Makkah, and the days of Hajj itself. And if you’re planning to go to Al-Aqsa afterwards, something for that too.

I know that you’ll be getting advice from many, many sources. And it can be difficult to figure out what to remember (/write down) and what not to. I don’t intend to complicate that process, but would just like to offer my input on it. If you’ve read and enjoyed the Hajj Chronicles series so far, I hope that this list will be something particularly useful to you, and that you can – at least – just print and keep a copy for once you’re on the move. (There’ll probably be plenty of time waiting at airports etc, so the shortage of time now won’t prevail for too long I hope.)

This list is in no way completely comprehensive, and not everything will work / be suited to everyone. But – like any advice in life – it’s important to be open, analyse what you receive, then take  of it what you think works for you, while discarding the rest.

While much of these points are from my own experience, I’m also sourcing tips from other places too – such as Muhammad Al-Shareef and Muslimahlifestyle.com. So jazakAllah to them as well.

With that, you can download the Hajj tipsheet part 1 document here: PDF format | MS Word format.

Note: Since this post, I’ve subsequently done more detailed tipsheets, which you can access as follows:

Madinah tipsheet | Makkah tipsheet | 5 days of Hajj tipsheet or

Visual presentation of all 3 tipsheets

JazakAllah for reading, and I hope this is of maximum benefit.



One thought on “Leaving for Hajj soon?

  1. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like I’ll be publishing part 2 – will probably push that out to next year insha-Allah. But if you liked part 1 and need the follow up soon (i.e. if you’re actually going this year and leaving soon), contact me on the email address provided in the post and insha-Allah I can put together something for you.

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