Hajj competition: Your chance to win

Hajj is coming up very soon, and to help get you in the spirit, I’m giving away copies of a DVD we put together after last year’s Hajj. The DVD features more than 200 pictures and videos from Madinah, Makkah, Hajj itself, and Palestine. It also includes audios from Hajj 2011, information about the places of Hajj, and Hajj preparation audios and videos.

For those who haven’t yet been, it’s a ready-made compilation to help you get a picture of what to expect when you do go insha-Allah; and for those who have been, it’s a package to help remind you of these amazing lands – and encourage you to go again when it becomes possible.

All you have to do to win is submit a written piece describing what Hajj means to you. I’m not looking for an informational / encyclopedia-type account; I’m looking for your personal description of what the experience means in your life – in your own words. There’s no strict word limit, but try to keep it under 500 words if possible (you won’t be penalised for going over that).

There are three copies of the disc to give away (see image below), and the competition closes in one week’s time: midnight South African standard time on Monday 15th October 2012 insha-Allah.

If you’re up for it, you can submit your entry to this email address.

The competition is open to both those who haven’t been before and those who have been. Unfortunately, due to logistics, the competition is limited to readers from South Africa (or who have an address I could send it to in the country). I might also consider entries from outside South Africa, but it means that you’ll have to bear the cost of postage – so if you’re willing to do that, feel free to enter.

For any queries, you can contact me on the email address provided above.


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