The biggest 5 days of your life


Hujjaaj head for Arafah on Hajj. (Image source: The Big Picture –

A few weeks back, I’d planned to publish a series of  ‘Hajj tips’ posts – with this one being the first. I ended up not having the time to do the full series as hoped, but due to a recent request – and the stats showing quite a few downloads of the first tipsheet recently – I’ve put together another tipsheet. This one is for the 5 days of Hajj alone (i.e. not Makkah, Aziziah, or anything else).

I’ve based all of it on my own experience last year, and I hope that it will be of benefit to those going this year and in years to follow. As is the case with all advice in life, it may be that not all of it will apply to you – so take what you think will benefit you, and leave the rest.

You can download the new tipsheet from these links:

Hajj tipsheet (5 days) – Word formatHajj tipsheet (5 days) – PDF format


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