Sweet sadness

Mina on the final morning of Hajj 1432 (2011)

Mina on the final morning of Hajj 1432 (2011)

This picture was one of the last I took on my Hajj last year – as I was leaving Mina after my final round of pelting the Jamaraat. As this year’s hujjaaj prepare to do the same at this time, I hope the feelings and memories of their Hajj journey will remain with them forever – and can inspire them to truly live their Hajj for the rest of their lives.

For most who have been on this sacred journey, we yearn to go back. And while much of that longing is driven by sentimentality and emotion, the reality is that we’ll only get to go again if we’re invited by Allah. We need to prove that we’re worthy of that invitation – by appreciating the fact that we’ve gone already. And that appreciation needs to be more than just lip service. True appreciation is manifested in action – striving to live the best you can, as close to Allah as you can.

For if we do this – if we are sincerely grateful – Allah will give us more, as inferred in Surah Ibrahim verse 7. In this context, “more” can mean taking us back for Hajj again.

May Allah give us all the towfique to be truly grateful so that we may return – again and again – to this amazing journey.


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