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Mister Y’s mysteries (part 7): Who is Ayesha Teladia?

Posted by Yacoob on December 19, 2012

For many years, the University of Cape Town has hosted a rather mysterious memorial. At the bottom of the Leslie Commerce building lies what appears to be a gravestone, or a marker of sorts. As seen in the picture, Haji Ayesha Teladia died in 1981 – living to be 56 years old.

The mysterious memory of Haji Ayesha Teladia

The mysterious memory of Haji Ayesha Teladia

The question is: who was Ayesha Teladia? And why is this stone sitting here – in this position at a university – for so many years? I find it hard to fathom that she would actually be buried at this spot (since it’s not a Muslim graveyard), but I’ve never found answers to these questions…so I put it to the world (or at least those who find this post).

Shaykh Google refers to one or more (seemingly) currently-living person/people of the same name – but the one in question has been dead for 31 years.

So again, it’s a mystery.

Does anyone know anything about her?

If so, please reply here.

(Previous mysteries can be found here.)

2 Responses to “Mister Y’s mysteries (part 7): Who is Ayesha Teladia?”

  1. Roxana said

    Hi. Ayesha Teladia named here is my late father’s sister. No she is not buried there and have no idea how the stone got there

  2. Dreamlife said

    Interesting…are you sure it’s the same person? Same birth and death dates? And how is she associated with UCT?

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