Israeli Apartheid Week pt 5: Taking action


I hope you’ve learnt a lot and felt compelled to take action during this week’s series of posts. There’s more that I could say, but in this series, I’ve kept the words to a minimum, and allowed the videos to speak and more accurately represent the reality of what’s going on.

There are many, many groups, organisations, and individuals out there doing great work to help the victims of Israeli Apartheid. While you’re free, and have the time, resources, and ability to make a difference, please do.

It’s our duty as human beings to care about what’s going on to others – regardless of their religion, race, or culture. Land grabs and ethnic cleansing didn’t end when Nazi Germany fell, or once the Americans wiped out so many of the Native inhabitants of North America. It still happens today, and Palestine is the most prominent example of this.

For further information and testimonies, here are a few links you may want to check out:

Feel free to add your own links in the comments section – if you know of websites or organisations that are active in the cause. (And please do not add any extremist / terrorist links. This blog does not promote violence or injustice, and I will not allow such ideologies to be spread via the comments section.)

Previous segments: Part 1 | Part 2| Part 3 | Part 4.

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