A reminder from Egypt’s chaos

An image from the Egyptian revolution 2 years ago.

An image from the Egyptian revolution 2 years ago.

With the unrest in Egypt at the moment – including rampant sexual attacks against women in the recent protests – it’s hard to be positive. However, Shaykh Navaid Aziz shared some wise words which I wish to share here, so that we may take positives from the situation:

“I generally refrain from commenting on politics just due to the fact that I don’t know much about it. However, what happened today in Egypt had very little to do with politics and more to do with the plight of humanity. 

1- We are our own worst enemies. Time and time again Allah will bless us with favors and we will go out an sabotage these favors. While Morsi is far from perfect, he was a big blessing to the people of Egypt. They have no one to blame but themselves for what is to come. 

2- What we witnessed is a growing dichotomy between secularism and religion. What people fail to realize is that when your government has no greater authority to respond to except for itself you will always see oppression. Our rulers need to be answerable to God himself, that is the only way they will be kept in check. When people lose the fear of God they lose all sense of morality. Our religion is a way of life and not just something we practice in our homes or mosques. 

3- Up and until we change our own internal states, the physical changes will make no difference. Few are the people that represent us in government that actually want what is best for us, as oppose to their own personal interests. The revolution must begin from within before the external one is sustainable. As a point of benefit their is a great wisdom behind the fact that most supplications that ask for victory usually begin with recognizing our relationship with our creator and seeking his forgiveness. 

4- Make it a litmus test of your faith to see how much you are praying for the people of Egypt, Syria, Burma, and the rest of the lands filled with evil and oppression. 

5- I was down and depressed all day today after seeing what had happened in Egypt. However, I came across a verse that I feel is very applicable to our situation right now: “Or do you think that you will enter Paradise while such [trial] has not yet come to you as came to those who passed on before you? They were touched by poverty and hardship and were shaken until [even their] messenger and those who believed with him said,”When is the help of Allah ?” Unquestionably, the help of Allah is near.” 2:214 

Egypt, Syria, Palestine, and Burma be patient a little while longer as victory is just around the corner. Stay positive and optimistic!”

While it’s fine to discuss the situation and read more and more about it, know that all of this will achieve nothing for the people of Egypt. It’s only when we turn our thoughts into actions – via dua for them, and our own inner change – that things will happen.

So, let’s spend less time caught up in the news, and more time in deep reflection and plead with our Lord for the millions of people – in Egypt and elsewhere – who are suffering as a result of political tragedies.

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