A thousand words: Apocalypse now


No, this isn’t a scene from a movie. It’s a photo of a man walking through a street in Syria – which has been ripped apart by the conflict for far too long. May the tyranny end soon. Keep the people of Syria in your prayers.


2 thoughts on “A thousand words: Apocalypse now

  1. Very sad indeed. And its like we’re forced to sit and watch. Makes me sick. There’s a special place in Hell for those leaders who KNOW the truth and still defy in the name of power and greed.

  2. One of the comments coming out of Egypt a few weeks back was that the only comfort is that the tyrants will face ultimate justice one day, and they’ll face punishment for all the atrocities they’re committing. Without having gone through all the suffering that the victims are going through, you can maybe even feel sympathy for the oppressors – in that you want them to change their ways because you KNOW they will just not be able to handle the consequences of their actions in the next life.

    But it’s Allah’s wisdom that oppression and tyranny will exist in this life, so their places in history are already guaranteed and it’s rare that they’ll change their ways…

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