In sickness and in health

I’m down with a throat infection at the moment ( ‘ pharyngitis ‘, if you want to make it sound serious), and it’s the first time in quite a while that the pain is bothering me.  Usually,  I embrace the fever and aches – knowing that each bit of sickness is actually a blessing – an expiation of sins. This time,  however,  it’s worse than usual.

I’m not complaining though,  because I get time off work – which is always good.  Best of all is the actual space and time – free of the usual pressures of life.  I can sleep until 9a.m., take really long,  hot showers (which counteract the chills of fever), and enjoy undisturbed afternoon naps – giving my body the physical rest it needs (but most often doesn’t get).

What I love most about fever,  though,  is sleep.  Fever-infused sleep is amazing because dreams are so much more intense and varied.  For example,  last night I took an incredible journey through the solar system – somehow passing very closely by the moon and planets


The depth of sleep also is different.  Sleep – especially at night – feels so incredibly lengthy…where 2 hours feel like 5, and even though you don’t feel  

tired, you can just close your eyes and go back to bed.

Such luxuries – though free – are rare in life today,  and I imagine I’ll never know them for an extended period until I hit retirement age (30 years to go!).

So for now,  I take this blessing of sickness and am grateful for the little things that come with it. I think everyone deserves times like these once in a while 🙂


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